Your staff is an essential part of the customer experience.  From the warm welcome on arrival to the friendly "thanks for visiting" that is delivered on check-out and everything in between, visitors form an impression of your business based upon their interactions with your employees. That impression will determine what memories stand out and what information (whether good or bad) they choose to pass along to friends and family.  Providing your staff with the proper tools through training can go a long way to develop a highly motivated,professional, and skilled team to provide the best possible customer experience.


A list of workshops available from AML training is shown below, and we  are happy to customize or start from scratch to build a training program  that meets your unique needs.

Improving Communication with the Strength Deployment Inventory®


This workshop is a proven, memorable tool for improving team effectiveness and reducing the costs of conflict. The SDI® was developed by psychologist, clinical therapist, educator, and author Elias H. Porter, Ph.D.  It is built upon his theory of Relationship Awareness -- a learning model for effectively and accurately understanding the motive behind our behaviour. The SDI has been used to help individuals and organizations for over 30 years.  Leading organizations such as Apple, Banff School of Management, Bombardier, CIBC, PricewaterhourseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, and United Airlines have used the SDI to remain competitive.

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WorldHost® Customer Service Workshops


Tourism British Columbia has been delivering world-class customer service training since 1985, when the SuperHost® Program was introduced to prepare British Columbians for Expo '86.  Since then, SuperHost has become and international success story, with close to one million people trained around the world.  The programs have world-wide recognition, and have been licensed to 19 countries/US states.  The SuperHost program was re-branded WorldHost® in preparation for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

AML Training can offer several WorldHost® workshops including:


- Fundamentals - A 1 day workshop that teaches front-line employees the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service.


- Ambassador -   A 3 hour workshop that teaches participants to be dedicated, enthusiastic ambassadors for their community.


- Sales Powered by Service - A 3 hour workshop that teaches employees how to be more effective sales representatives through a focus on service.


- Solving Problems Through Service - A 3 hour workshop that enhances customer services skills and teaches employees how to be more effective problem solvers in their role as service providers.


- Service Across Cultures - A half-day workshop designed to increase awareness of the diverse cultures that comprise British Columbia's international tourism clientele.


- Customers with Disabilities - A half-day workshop that teaches increased sensitivity towards people with disabilities, and superior customer service skills that respect every visitor's unique requirements


- Japanese Service Expectations - A half-day workshop that provides employees with the skills they need to understand Japanese visitors, their culture and their expectations.

Intro to Interpretation


Enhance your visitors’ experience by providing natural, cultural, and historical interpretation programs that will excite them to stay longer, return and tell their friends!  This course covers the basics of interpretation and includes the preparation of entertaining educational programs, professional presentation  skills, and tips for engaging the audience.  It addresses specific techniques for diverse audiences with human and natural history, wildlife, and ecology topics.


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